Access Real-Time Inventory and Competitive Pricing: MobileWorxs now listed on Stock in the Channel

MobileWorxs joins forces with Stock in the Channel to revolutionize rugged hardware distribution.
MobileWorxs partners with Stock in the Channel to provide real-time access to rugged hardware solutions.

In an exciting development for the tech industry, the well-respected rugged hardware distributor, MobileWorxs, is now listing their products with Ecommerce platform, Stock in the Channel. This partnership not only marks a significant boost for product availability from MobileWorxs, but also presents a golden opportunity for channel resellers looking for a simple and effective way to access the latest rugged hardware solutions. With Stock in the Channel’s reputation for user-friendliness and pioneering features, this collaboration signifies a promising future for both parties and their clientele.

  • MobileWorxs has partnered with Stock in the Channel to offer channel resellers a simple and effective way to access its rugged hardware solutions.
  • Stock in the Channel’s user-friendly platform will provide real-time access to MobileWorxs’ product catalogue, inventory levels, and competitive pricing.
  • This partnership aims to improve the rugged hardware distribution landscape and simplify the procurement process for businesses.

MobileWorxs Joins Stock in the Channel

MobileWorxs, a respected distributor of rugged hardware solutions, has recently announced its distirbution via IT search engine Stock in the Channel. This Ecommerce platform is renowned for its technology products and solutions. With this platform, MobileWorxs now offers channel resellers a simple and effective way to access its latest rugged hardware solutions.

Stock in the Channel is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and pioneering features as well as its access to over 5.8 million products for the Reseller community. These qualities simplify the procurement process for Resellers. By listing with Stock in the Channel, MobileWorxs intends to broaden its reach and offer a diverse range of rugged devices and accessories.

Product Catalogue Highlights

MobileWorxs boasts a wide array of industrially protected devices in its product catalogue. It also offers a rich variety of accessories designed to enhance productivity and ensure seamless integration, such as the Rugged xCase & Bundle for Surface. This Surface xCase, certified by Microsoft (DfS), comes with 3D cameras, scanners, card readers, payment brackets, and a multitude of mounting solutions.

In addition, MobileWorxs is the sole UK provider for UROVO Android technology. The full UROVO range, featuring specialist products like the RT40, will be available on Stock in the Channel. The RT40 is specifically designed for use in cold chain refrigeration or significantly low outdoor temperatures, and it can automatically heat to room temperature, even at minus 30°C.

Real-Time Access and Competitive Pricing

The integration of MobileWorxs’ product portfolio into Stock in the Channel’s platform will allow Resellers the ability to access real-time inventory levels, product specifications, and competitive pricing with just a few clicks. With over 185 other hardware providers using the E-commerce platform and featuring over 5.8 million IT products, Stock in the Channel is poised to provide MobileWorxs with a tremendous opportunity for growth.

Merrick Edwards, Business Development Director of MobileWorxs, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Their innovative Ecommerce platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering top-notch rugged hardware solutions. This collaboration will simplify the procurement process for our existing partners but also attract new opportunities.”

Brendon Mills, Distribution Manager of Stock in the Channel, echoed these sentiments. Mills stated, “It’s always great to work with businesses that bring something new and innovative to our audience. Working with companies like MobileWorxs helps us achieve this.”

Final Thoughts

The distribution partnership between MobileWorxs and Stock in the Channel is set to revolutionize the rugged hardware distribution landscape for MobileWorxs. This will enable businesses to access their products in real time with a smooth transaction process.