AI in Focus: HP Amplify Partner Conference 2024 Spotlights Innovation and Collaboration

Turning up the volume

HP’s annual Amplify Partner Conference 2024 was held in Las Vegas recently and included the launch of a range of innovative products, including AI PCs, as well as new AI-focused training and benefits for the company’s Partner Program.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the talk of the tech world for some time, and the technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. It was perhaps unsurprising then that AI was one of the main focuses for HP’s annual Amplify Partner Conference, held this year on 6-7 March.

Held among the bright lights of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA, more than 1,500 partners from across the world came together at the Amplify Partner Conference to listen to HP’s plans, as well as to witness the unveiling of a raft of innovative new products and services – all of which will be available soon to partners to sell to customers.

The conference boasted an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including industry luminaries such as Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, Intel’s Patrick Gelsinger, NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang and others. These sessions offered invaluable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and strategic initiatives driving the industry forward.

There was also a sprawling 30,000sq ft innovation showcase, where HP unveiled its latest cutting-edge products and solutions tailored for AI and hybrid systems. With more than 100 AI-enabled offerings on display, attendees were treated to a firsthand experience of HP’s commitment to driving innovation in the technology landscape.

HP launched a comprehensive range of AI-enabled PCs that aim to enhance productivity for users by making their lives easier through efficiency. There are also plans for an AI training and certification program for partners through its HP University, demonstrating the faith that HP has in AI as an increasingly important technology across the business spectrum.

In addition, a raft of updates to the HP Partner Program were announced, as was a range of colour printers.

The conference showcased HP’s commitment to its ‘Future Ready’ strategy, emphasising partner readiness for emerging opportunities like AI and hybrid systems. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, HP aims to equip partners with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving market landscape.

AI impact

But it was AI that took centre stage at the HP Amplify Partner Conference. To kick things off, HP announced new findings from its Work Relationship Index, a comprehensive study that surveyed more than 15,600 respondents across 12 countries, which revealed that while the world’s relationship with work is strained – just 27% of knowledge workers reporting a healthy work relationship – and employee expectations are rising, AI is seen as a key to unlocking better relationships with work. 

“AI represents a significant opportunity to transform our work dynamics and unlock a more positive and productive environment for all,” said Dave Shull, president of HP Workforce Solutions. “To foster greater understanding and acceptance of AI – and ensure employees know how to reap its benefits – business leaders must take the initiative to educate employees on AI’s potential and spearhead its effective integration.”

AI’s potential to foster healthier relationships with work is well understood by the workforce – with business leaders and IT decision makers leading the way. For instance, 54% of knowledge workers, 72% of business leaders and 70% of IT decision makers see the role AI can play in improving work-life balance. To a similar extent, employees believe that AI can streamline tasks and make their job easier (business leaders 75%, knowledge workers 58%).

The gap between business leaders, ITDMs (IT Decision Makers) and knowledge workers demonstrates the need for business leaders to effectively communicate the benefits of AI and educate employees on how to integrate it into their work processes – to help drive better business outcomes at the same time as strengthening individuals’ relationships with work. The survey showed that uncertainty persists regarding how best to use AI and take full advantage of it: 42% individuals reported feeling unsure of when to use AI in the workplace and 41% said they felt ill-equipped to harness AI’s full potential in their role.

With 73% of business leaders and 66% of knowledge workers advocating for proper AI training, there’s a clear call for organisations to prioritise upskilling initiatives to empower their workforce in embracing AI technologies.

“In an evolving work landscape where businesses are striving to unlock heightened engagement, retention and productivity, as well as keeping their employees inspired, the strategic integration of AI emerges as a potent force for transformation,” said Stella Low, chief communications officer, HP Inc.

“Knowledge workers around the world are looking to senior leadership to show them how to navigate the AI terrain effectively: the stage is set for business leaders to seize the opportunity to both empower their employees and drive success.”


To this end, HP announced the launch of a new portfolio of AI PCs at the Amplify Partner Conference, which aim to leverage the power of AI to enhance productivity, creativity and user experiences in hybrid work settings.

“At HP, our mission is to empower companies to capitalise on the power of AI, sparking ambitious and meaningful progress in every organisation,” said Alex Cho, president of Personal Systems, HP Inc. “We are proud to represent the industry’s broadest portfolio of AI PCs. By harnessing AI as a personal tool, we are creating more personalised and meaningful work experiences, revolutionising the way we interact with technology and each other in the workplace.”

HP has introduced a new generation of AI HP Elite and Pro PCs, featuring Copilot in Windows7 and Windows 11 Pro8, and Z by HP mobile workstations. The solutions are equipped with AI capabilities powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors or next-generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors with dedicated NPUs for tackling AI tasks with more personalised performance. HP Smart Sense is designed to automatically anticipate and adjust to individual PC usage behaviour, ensuring the best balance of performance and power. 

In addition, Poly Studio audio and Dynamic Voice Levelling, AI Noise Reduction and automatic framing offer improved, natural on-camera interaction and collaboration for a seamless user experience – something that is increasingly demanded by hybrid workers who want the same quality of experience wherever they are working.

HP now has the largest portfolio of Intel® and AMD-based AI PCs14, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and performance. The lineup includes:

• HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Designed to deliver a seamless blend of portability, performance, and up to 21 hours of battery life for work on the go. Harnessing the power of AI, users experience up to 80% better graphics performance, up to 38% less power for AI-enhanced collaboration, and up to 132% faster AI video editing compared to the previous generation. With HP Smart Sense, AI transforms the PC’s power so it runs up to 40% quieter. Over 70% of major parts contain recycled materials, including recycled fishnets in the keyboard. Additionally, power data tracking and suggestions help reduce energy use

• HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Created to meet the needs of workers taking on daily workloads that demand powerful performance and collaboration features. The new series is equipped with Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors or next-generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors for AI-driven productivity. These PCs contain at least 75% PCR plastic in the bezel

• HP EliteBook 600 and 605 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Made for corporate and public sector organisations that need to maximise value and flexibility to equip a range of users in hybrid environments Devices contain at least 30% PCR plastic in the bezel and at least 50% PCR plastic in the keycaps

• HP ProBook 400 and 405 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Purpose-built for hybrid workers, these devices unlock AI-powered workflows and essential performance while offering upgradeable storage and memory. The series contains 50% post-industrial recycled stamped aluminium in the chassis

• HP Elite Small Form Factor 805 G9 Desktop PC: Engineered for desktop workers looking to take productivity to the next level, workers experience boosted connectivity to take advantage of cloud-based AI applications like Copilot in Windows7 with Wi-Fi 7 capability and an optional integrated NPU in select models with Ryzen™ AI25, including AMD Radeon™ RX 6300 2GB graphics, or NVIDIA® T400 4GB discrete graphics.

Partner program accelerated

AI was also high on the agenda as HP announced new benefits for its Amplify Partner Program, aimed at accelerating partner growth. This includes the industry’s first role-based AI partner training and certification program, together with a new Growth Play opportunity, tailored for AI Data Science. 

“HP’s Amplify Partner program stands out as an industry-leading partner program – the only channel program in the industry to go beyond performance-based models – encompassing capabilities, collaboration and unrivalled performance,” said Kobi Elbaz, SVP and general manager, Global Channel, Sales Innovation and Operations at HP. 

“Partners are essential to unlocking growth opportunities and serving customers and we aim to provide the right program, the right training and the right growth opportunities and benefits to make it easier to sell our world-class products and services. Together we have the Future Ready portfolio, operations, and partners to win.”

AI partner training and certification program

As HP acknowledge, AI is unlocking new possibilities for the company and its partners to enhance customer experiences. But, if the potential of AI is to be realised, then users must have confidence in it, and this can be achieved by working with a vendor they trust.

Launching on May 1, HP’s Future Ready AI MasterClass, powered by HP University, will cover what HP calls a “comprehensive” range of topics designed to equip partners with the knowledge they need to educate and advise customers on the right AI products and solutions to meet their needs. 

To do this, HP is working with NVIDIA to develop the initial series of advanced training modules. Subsequent releases, involving further alliance partners, aim to consistently augment the expertise and capabilities of HP Amplify partners, enabling them to stay ahead in the swiftly changing AI landscape – something that will be crucial given that competition is likely to be fierce.

“Designers, engineers and creatives need the latest tools and capabilities to harness the potential of AI for their everyday workflows,” said Bob Pette, vice president of enterprise platforms at NVIDIA. “Our work with HP will help empower their partners to utilise HP products and solutions, powered by NVIDIA, to cater to customer AI needs across the entire channel ecosystem.” 

Amplify Growth Plays

Elsewhere, it was announced that in May 2024, all HP Amplify commercial partners will have access to Amplify Growth Plays, a new program built around HP’s growth categories. Combined with tools, advanced capabilities and compensation elements, Growth Plays rewards participants with tailored benefits to drive incremental partner profitability.

Based on insights and feedback from its global partner community, HP continues to enhance capabilities within the Amplify program. HP has introduced its latest Growth Play focused on AI Data Science designed to reward eligible partners with tailored benefits for investing in strategic focus areas beyond specialisations. Additional Amplify Growth Plays launching 1 May 2024 include Digital Services, Video Collaboration and Active Care Services.

Simplifying the HP Amplify Partner Program

To increase access to HP’s expanded product and service portfolio, HP is simplifying the Amplify partner membership architecture. From 1 May 2024, Amplify members will benefit from HP’s new tailored approach to meet customer demands, driven by a consistent framework and two-track structure: Synergy and Power.

As part of the Power partner track, HP is also introducing new distinctions for enrolled partners: Power Elite and Global Power Elite. This structure rewards partners who operate on a large scale and deliver significant revenue and capabilities. 

SMB-focused colour printers

Elsewhere at the Amplify Partner Conference, HP announced a new range of colour printers aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that require high performance in a small footprint, the Color LaserJet 3000 series.

“In the era of hybrid work, as businesses reimagine their workspaces, the demand for high-performance solutions in small and flexible offices is on the rise,” said Tuan Tran, president of imaging, printing and solutions at HP. 

“With our new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series, featuring innovative TerraJet technology, we deliver exceptional colour quality, professional speed, and energy efficiency in a compact design. By optimising printer manageability, we enable SMBs to save money, time, and effort, while ensuring high-quality prints, safeguarding sensitive information, and effortlessly adapting to collaborative and growth-oriented environments.”

The tools businesses need

The new HP Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series delivers the tools small businesses need including:

• Increased reliability with Wi-Fi® 2 that automatically reconnects to stay online  

• The fastest duplex and first page out in class 

• Industry leading quality and pro level security 

• Smallest footprint of any device in its class. 

HP’s next generation toner technology, Terrajet, has a unique toner formula that enables richer and sharper colours. Terrajet technology will provide the new Color LaserJet Pro 3000 series customers with 11% more vivid colour and 18% faster printing speeds, according to HP. 

In addition to the improvements on the 3000 series, TerraJet also enables up to 27% reduced energy consumption and up to 28% reduction of plastics in toner cartridges, which can help customers to achieve their sustainability goals – something that is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Circular future

HP also announced a suite of new services and software aimed at turbocharging productivity and accelerating towards a circular future. The highlights include the introduction of HP’s first AI-enabled digital experience platform called WEX™, new programs to extend device lifespan and promote a circular economy, enhanced managed services offerings, and simplified support packages for HP Support Services. 

These initiatives empower partners to enhance employee experiences while creating new growth opportunities, reflecting HP’s commitment to driving value and enabling partners to build and grow their services and software businesses.


The 2024 iteration of the Amplify Partner Conference will be remembered as one where AI really came of age. With a raft of new products that take advantage of the benefits of AI launched by HP at the conference, as well as training for partners so they can deliver those with confidence to customers across the world, it feels like a roadmap for the future has been laid out, with AI at the heart of it.

With breakthrough offerings, enhanced partner benefits, and a vision for a sustainable and inclusive future, HP is leading the charge towards a new era of collaboration, productivity, and opportunity.