Announcing Workspace 365’s New Chief Product Officer

Workspace 365 Appoints Wesley de Graaf as Chief Product Officer to Drive Growth and Simplification

Workspace 365, a Netherlands-based digital workspace platform, has appointed Wesley de Graaf as its new Chief Product Officer. With a decade of experience within the company, de Graaf will drive growth and development of the all-in-one, simplified IT solution. His goal is to further simplify digital workplaces and strengthen employee experiences in a hybrid working world. The next 12 months will see de Graaf spearheading product updates, with advancements in AI and machine-learning. Currently, over 2,300 organisations worldwide are utilising Workspace 365’s adaptive digital services.

  • Workspace 365 has appointed Wesley de Graaf as its new chief product officer to drive growth in its digital workplace platform.
  • Workspace 365 offers an all-in-one digital workplace solution that provides personalised access to applications, company information, and personal documents on any device.
  • Wesley de Graaf, who started at Workspace 365 as a technical support intern in 2014, will now lead the product team in delivering updated ecosystem and advancements in AI and machine-learning for users in the next 12 months.

Workspace 365 Welcomes New Chief Product Officer

In their ongoing pursuit to simplify the digital workplace, Workspace 365 recently welcomed Wesley de Graaf to the role of Chief Product Officer. A long-standing member of the Workspace 365 family, de Graaf is no stranger to the complexities of the digital workplace, and he is poised to lead the Netherlands-based company to new heights.

An Insider’s Journey to the C-Suite

Wesley started his journey with Workspace 365 as a technical support intern back in 2014. Over time, his consistent dedication to enhancing the Workspace 365 product saw him rise steadily through the ranks. Prior to his promotion, de Graaf was the head of product for the company, leading a team of 27 specialists who tirelessly worked to improve the Workspace 365 platform based on user feedback and market trends.

In his new role as Chief Product Officer, de Graaf will continue to drive the company’s product offering, taking on overall responsibility for the team he helped to build. This promotion marks de Graaf’s debut in a C-suite role, signifying a major career milestone.

Speaking about his new role, Wesley said:

“The goal of Workspace 365 is to simplify how people interact with their digital workplace, enabling better focus and encouraging more positive employee experiences. With overall responsibility for the Workspace 365 product offering, that’s my main aim.”

Looking Forward: A Sneak Peek into the Future

Over the coming year, Wesley will lead the development of an updated ecosystem for Workspace 365’s end-users. This includes numerous product updates, with notable advancements in AI and machine learning on the horizon.

Currently, Workspace 365’s digital platform is used by over 2,300 organisations worldwide.

Erik Nicolai, CEO of Workspace 365, congratulated Wesley on his new role, stating, “It’s been a pleasure to see his career flourish from intern to our c-suite. The depth knowledge of our product that he brings really shines through and is reflected in the passion he instils in his team.”

Final Thoughts

Wesley’s promotion to Chief Product Officer is a testament to his unwavering dedication and deep understanding of Workspace 365. His rise through the ranks, from intern to C-suite, is an inspiring journey that reiterates the value of commitment and passion. As Workspace 365 continues to simplify the digital workplace, Wesley’s leadership will undoubtedly offer fresh insights and innovative solutions. With his hands firmly on the helm, we can expect to see exciting developments in the digital workplace landscape in the near future.


Q: What is Workspace 365 and what does it offer?
A: Workspace 365 is an adaptive digital workplace provider that simplifies the digital environment for employees. It offers personalised access to applications, company information, and personal documents on any device.

Q: Who is Wesley de Graaf and what is his new role at Workspace 365?
A: Wesley de Graaf is the new chief product officer at Workspace 365. He started as a technical support intern in 2014 and has risen through the ranks to lead the product development team.

Q: How does Workspace 365 ensure a positive user experience?
A: Workspace 365 continuously develops its platform based on user feedback and market trends, ensuring that the latest version launched in November 2023 offers simplified access, communication, and workflows.

Q: How many organisations are currently using Workspace 365?
A: More than 2,300 small to large-scale organisations worldwide are currently using Workspace 365 for their digital workplace needs.

Q: What are the upcoming plans for Workspace 365 under Wesley de Graaf’s leadership?
A: Wesley de Graaf plans to deliver an updated ecosystem for Workspace 365’s end-users, with advancements in AI and machine-learning in the coming year to enhance productivity and efficiency.