Empowering Enterprises: Keyfactor and e92plus Lead the Charge in IoT Security

Keyfactor and e92plus Partner to Expand IoT Security Solutions in the UK

Keyfactor has joined forces with UK-based cybersecurity VAD e92plus to expand its partner network and enhance IoT device protection. Aimed at aiding modern enterprises, this partnership introduces Keyfactor’s top-ranking PKI and machine identity management solutions to e92plus’ extensive partner community.

The alliance seeks to address cybersecurity challenges in IT, IoT, and OT, and provide high-quality PKI and machine identity management solutions across the UK. In the wake of increased IoT and connected device usage, this collaboration is set to strengthen organizations’ cybersecurity postures.

  • Keyfactor has partnered with e92plus, a leading independent cybersecurity VAD in the UK, to expand its partner network and help organizations protect their IoT and connected devices.
  • A report conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Keyfactor reveals that 97% of organizations struggle to secure their IoT and connected products to some degree.
  • Keyfactor’s solutions provide highly secure and automated PKI and certificate management services, and through the partnership with e92plus, they will gain increased access to customers across the UK and Ireland.

Keyfactor and e92plus Join Forces for Enhanced IoT Security

In the hyper-connected world we live in, the security of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected devices has become paramount. Now, Keyfactor, a leader in machine and IoT identity management, has announced a strategic partnership with e92plus, a top independent cybersecurity VAD (Value-Added Distributor) in the UK. The aim? To broaden their partner network and equip more enterprises with identity-first security solutions.

Addressing IoT Security Concerns

A recent study by Vanson Bourne, commissioned by Keyfactor, reveals a startling 97% of companies grapple with securing their IoT and connected assets. This new partnership brings Keyfactor’s industry-leading PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and machine identity management solutions to e92plus’s extensive partner community. This includes VARs (Value-Added Resellers), MSPs/MSSPs (Managed Service Providers/Managed Security Service Providers), and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers).

Keyfactor’s Solutions: Secure, Scalable, Automated

Keyfactor solutions offer highly secure, scalable, and automated PKI and certificate management services. The company boasts over 1,500 trusted enterprises worldwide. Keyfactor’s customers can proactively prevent outages and bolster crypto agility in emerging DevOps, Cloud, and IoT environments.

The Role of e92plus

e92plus plays a central role in this partnership, increasing Keyfactor’s access to customers across the UK and Ireland. The goal? To liberate organisations from the manual effort, expense, and risk associated with deploying and maintaining PKI infrastructure.

“We are always looking for the next disruptive technology to bring to market, and we’re excited to be partnering with Keyfactor,” explains Mukesh Gupta, CEO at e92plus. “Addressing the challenges around PKI, certificate, and device identity is central to organisations implementing a robust cybersecurity posture, especially with the rise of IoT and OT devices being part of corporate networks. Keyfactor helps address that and represents a great opportunity for our partners to expand their offering with a channel-first vendor.”

Keyfactor’s Recent Accomplishments

This partnership follows a series of recent successes for Keyfactor. In October, the company secured a significant minority investment from Sixth Street Growth which valued the company at approximately $1.3 billion. Additionally, Keyfactor was named to the 2023 Inc. 5000 list and recognised as America’s fastest-growing PKI and cryptography leader.

Final Thoughts

The strategic alliance between Keyfactor and e92plus is indeed a significant step towards addressing the escalating concerns surrounding IoT and connected device security. As organisations continue to grapple with these challenges, partnerships like these are not just beneficial but essential. They bring together expertise, resources, and innovative solutions to protect our increasingly connected world.


Q: What is the partnership between Keyfactor and e92plus?
A: The partnership between Keyfactor and e92plus is a strategic collaboration aimed at expanding Keyfactor’s partner network in the UK. It allows e92plus to offer Keyfactor’s market-leading PKI and machine identity management solutions to its extensive partner community, enabling it to address cybersecurity challenges in IT, IoT, and OT.

Q: Why is this partnership significant?
A: This partnership is significant because it helps more organizations establish digital trust at scale. Keyfactor’s solutions provide highly secure, scalable, and automated PKI and certificate management services. By partnering with e92plus, Keyfactor gains increased access to customers across the UK and Ireland who want to simplify the deployment and maintenance of PKI infrastructure.

Q: What challenges do Keyfactor’s solutions address?
A: Keyfactor’s solutions address the challenges related to PKI, certificate, and device identity management. In today’s cybersecurity landscape, where IoT and OT devices are increasingly connected to corporate networks, ensuring the security and trustworthiness of these devices is crucial. Keyfactor’s solutions help organizations implement a robust cybersecurity posture by simplifying PKI and automating certificate lifecycle management.

Q: How does Keyfactor benefit from this partnership?
A: By partnering with e92plus, Keyfactor gains access to e92plus’ extensive partner ecosystem, which includes value-added resellers, managed service providers, managed security service providers, and cloud service providers. This expanded partner network allows Keyfactor to reach a wider customer base across the UK and Ireland, accelerating its growth and market reach.

Q: What is the Keyfactor Partner Network?
A: The Keyfactor Partner Network is a global network of solutions providers, OEM and distribution alliances, systems integrators, and technology integration providers. This network collaborates to solve challenges related to PKI, certificate lifecycle management, and automation. Qualified partners benefit from a trusted transaction approach, competitive sales margins, and extensive support, including education, certification programs, and marketing development funds.