Exertis AV And Epson Illuminate Business Projection Future

Exertis AV Expands Epson Partnership to Include Business Projectors

Exertis AV, a leading distributor, has expanded its partnership with Epson UK to include business projection in its product portfolio. This move, marking Exertis’s first foray into the technology space of business projection, is backed by the appointment of Peter Vernon as Projection Business Manager. Epson, the world’s top projector manufacturer, provides vibrant, reliable and flexible business projectors. Exertis AV is confident that these additions will enhance their offering to both new and existing customers in the AV sector.

  • Exertis AV has extended its partnership with Epson UK Ltd to include business projection products.
  • Peter Vernon has joined Exertis AV as the Projection Business Manager to lead the distributor’s foray into business projection technology.
  • Epson’s business projectors, known for vibrant colours, sharp images, and reliability, are now part of Exertis’s AV portfolio to cater to various customer needs.

Exertis AV Enlarges Its Partnership with Epson, Venturing into Business Projection

Exertis AV, a prominent distributor in the sector, has broadened its alliance with Epson UK Ltd. They’re adding Epson business projectors to their portfolio, a first for Exertis AV. This expansion is a significant step for the distributor, as they’ve previously only offered Epson’s printer and large format printer (LFP) solutions.

New Talent to Lead the Way

Peter Vernon has joined the team at Exertis AV as the new Projection Business Manager. Using his expertise to spearhead this venture, Vernon will be coordinating the distributor’s initial efforts in this technology arena.

Jamie Brothwell, Chief Sales and Commercial Officer of Exertis AV, expresses his enthusiasm about the expansion and the new appointment:

“We are delighted to welcome Epson Business Projection to our portfolio along with the appointment of Peter Vernon who will head up our Projection pillar within Exertis AV. We have a long-standing relationship with Epson across their print and LFP businesses, so now having the ability to sell the broader Epson family of products is extremely exciting.”

Epson’s Business Projectors: A Game Changer

Epson, being the world’s leading projector manufacturer, offers business projectors with vibrant colours, sharp images, reliable performance and flexible presenting options. Their compact design and high brightness make them suitable for delivering big screen viewing experiences in any setting.

Faith in the Channel

Craig Waters, Video Projection Sales Manager at Epson UK, highlighted the significance of their indirect business sales model and the faith they have in their distribution partners. He also pointed out the consistent demand for large, durable viewing experiences in various business environments, emphasising Exertis’s potential role in meeting this demand with their expanded portfolio.

Vernon’s Enthusiasm for the New Role

Peter Vernon, the new Business Projection Manager at Exertis AV, expressed his excitement for the expansion of the partnership with Epson and the opportunity it brings. He emphasised how the addition of Epson’s business projectors to Exertis’s portfolio and their knowledgeable AV team equips them to cater to diverse AV requirements of both new and existing customers.

Final Thoughts

This move by Exertis AV signals a significant expansion in their business, adding a whole new dimension to their offerings. By incorporating Epson’s business projectors and bringing in Peter Vernon, they’re showing a clear intention to lead in this technology space. They’ve managed to strike a balance between leveraging existing relationships and exploring new opportunities. It’s a calculated risk, but one that could potentially bring great rewards to Exertis AV and their customers.


Q: What new addition has Exertis AV made to its portfolio with Epson UK Ltd?
A: Exertis AV has added Epson business projectors to its portfolio alongside Epson printers and large format printer solutions.

Q: Who has Exertis AV appointed to manage the Projection pillar within the company?
A: Exertis AV has hired Peter Vernon as the Projection Business Manager to lead the distributor’s first steps in the business projection technology space.

Q: What are some key features of Epson’s business projectors?
A: Epson’s business projectors offer vibrant colours, sharp images, extreme reliability, and flexible presenting options. Their compact design and high brightness make them ideal for various venues.

Q: How does Epson UK view the role of distribution partners like Exertis in the market?
A: Epson UK places great faith in the channel, like Exertis, to communicate their messaging to customers and ensure the right solutions are deployed effectively in different environments.

Q: How does Peter Vernon feel about the partnership extension with Epson and his new role at Exertis?
A: Peter Vernon is thrilled to be joining Exertis at the same time as the extension of the partnership with Epson, expressing excitement about embracing the new challenge and serving both new and existing AV customers effectively.