Softcat awarded Services Partner of the Year by Lenovo

Softcat awarded Services Partner of the Year by Lenovo

Last week Softcat was awarded Services Partner of the Year by Lenovo at Lenovo Accelerate 2024 held at Sancroft, St.Paul’s in London.

The award recognises Softcat’s proactive adoption of Lenovo’s services offerings, as well as its market-leading position in Workspace services.

Becky Moore, Senior Alliance Executive at Softcat, pleased with the recognition said:

“Winning the Lenovo Services Partner of the year is a testament to the collaboration between the internal and external Lenovo team and our Workspace team. Over the last year our key focus has been aligning with the Workspace team on services both Softcat and Lenovo can offer to give the best outcome to our customers.”

The Lenovo Accelerate ’24 Event was held on 25 June, and featured guest speaker Natasha Kaplinsky. The main speaker from Lenovo was Adrian Criddle, Vice President and General Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland, who recently joined Lenovo in April 2024.

Alliance Partner speakers included Hamid-Reza Nazeman, Managing Director and Head of Compute EMEA from Qualcomm Germany GmbH; Matt Foley, Director for EMEA Field Application Engineering from AMD and Sarah Robinson, Engineer Director of AI from Intel.