Cybersecurity Revolution: New Leadership Reigns at Sophos

Joe Levy Appointed CEO of Sophos, Jim Dildine Named CFO: Key Moves to Strengthen Cybersecurity Leadership

Cybersecurity firm Sophos has announced the appointment of Joe Levy as its new CEO and Jim Dildine as CFO. Levy, a cybersecurity veteran, has been instrumental in transforming Sophos into a global leader, creating SophosAI and Sophos X-Ops and defending over 21,000 organisations worldwide. As CEO, Levy aims to expand Sophos’ midmarket customer base, which comprises nearly 600,000 customers and generates over $1.2 billion in annual revenue. Jim Dildine, former CFO of cybersecurity company Imperva, brings operational expertise and a strong background in channel partner-based cybersecurity business to Sophos.

  • Joe Levy appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Sophos.
  • Jim Dildine named as Sophos’ new Chief Financial Officer.
  • Levy plans to expand Sophos’ customer base in the midmarket to enhance cybersecurity for smaller organisations vulnerable to cyberattacks.

New Leadership at Sophos

Sophos, a pioneer in cybersecurity solutions, has announced key changes to its executive team. The company’s acting CEO since 15 February 2024, Joe Levy, has now formally taken the helm as the chief executive officer. In a strategic move, he has appointed Jim Dildine as the new chief financial officer and a member of the senior management team.

A Veteran in Cybersecurity

Joe Levy is no stranger to the cybersecurity industry. With nearly thirty years of experience he has been instrumental in leading and innovating cybersecurity product development, services and companies. His nine-year tenure at Sophos has been marked by a transformational journey. Under his leadership, Sophos transitioned from being a product-only vendor to a global cybersecurity giant, defending over 21,000 organisations worldwide.

Levy is also credited with the creation of SophosAI and Sophos X-Ops, an operational threat intelligence unit that consolidates more than 500 cross-departmental cybersecurity operators and threat intelligence experts. Through this unit, real-time and historical attack data is shared across all of Sophos’ solutions, enhancing their speed and efficiency in defending against persistent cyberattacks.

Dedicated to Midmarket Organisations

As CEO, Levy’s vision is to expand Sophos’ already robust customer base in the midmarket, which currently consists of nearly 600,000 customers worldwide and generates over $1.2 billion in annual revenue. Sophos, being a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for the midmarket, has a unique capability to further scale its business and that of its partners.

Levy shared his perspective on the critical role of midmarket organisations in the global economy:

“When midmarket organisations – the global critical substrate – are paralysed due to ransomware or other cyberattacks, business activities linked in our supply chains also stagnate, slowing our economy down. Our goal is to help more organisations in the midmarket – the estimated 99% of organisations that are below the cybersecurity poverty line – be better at detecting and disrupting inevitable cyberattacks.”

Introducing Jim Dildine

Jim Dildine, the new CFO of Sophos, brings with him a wealth of experience from the cybersecurity software and services company, Imperva, where he served as CFO for over four years. Prior to Imperva, Dildine was CFO for Symantec’s $2.5 billion enterprise security business unit for three years. He also held key financial leadership roles at Blue Coat Systems, where Levy served as chief technology officer.

Final Thoughts

The appointment of Joe Levy as CEO and Jim Dildine as CFO marks a significant moment for Sophos. As Sophos continues to innovate and strengthen its cybersecurity solutions, the combined expertise and leadership of Levy and Dildine will undoubtedly be a significant asset to the company’s future growth. Their strategic focus on midmarket organisations underlines Sophos’ commitment to providing robust cybersecurity solutions at every level of the market. Hopefully Levy and Dildine will succeed on their mission, given the increasing complexity of cyber threats and the potential for devastating impacts on the local and global economies.


Q: Who is the new CEO of Sophos?
A: Joe Levy is the new CEO of Sophos.

Q: Who has been appointed as Sophos’ new CFO?
A: Jim Dildine has been appointed as Sophos’ new CFO.

Q: What is Sophos known for?
A: Sophos is a global leader of innovative security solutions for defeating cyberattacks.

Q: What role did Joe Levy play in transforming Sophos?
A: Joe Levy drove the transformation of Sophos from a product-only vendor into a global cybersecurity giant, including the creation of SophosAI and Sophos X-Ops.

Q: What is the main focus of Sophos under Joe Levy’s leadership?
A: Sophos aims to help midmarket organisations improve their cybersecurity defences against cyberattacks.

Q: What is Jim Dildine’s background in the cybersecurity industry?
A: Jim Dildine brings over 30 years of experience in technology and finance, including key financial leadership roles at companies like Imperva and Symantec.