D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP

Keep ‘em peeled

With security threats to SMBs growing all the time, surveillance solutions are crucial to keep a business safe. D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP has been tailored to this market where reliability and affordability are key.

Security and surveillance are paramount to SMBs, especially given the proliferation of new technologies in today’s digital age, where bad actors have a Pandora’s box of tools at their disposal for gaining unauthorised access to confidential business data and information.

Considering that, D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP has been designed to provide an affordable and efficient Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch solution for surveillance needs. It’s suited to SMBs that have a requirement for 24/7 surveillance uptime. The switch enhances the capabilities of surveillance systems through reliable power delivery and automated recovery services, such as 6kV power surge protection. 

What it does

The DSS-200G-28MP is part of D-Link’s DSS-200G series. This model offers a 370W power budget and supports 30W 803.2at services across all 24 gigabit ports, making it suitable for a range of PoE-compliant devices.

There is also a choice of three other models in the range including a 10-port version and two PoE++ models.

What is PoE++?

PoE++ (Power over Ethernet Plus Plus) – known technically as 802.3bt – is an advanced standard that increases the power delivered over Ethernet cables to up to 90W per port. This capability is essential for powering more demanding devices such as high-end IP cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras and other high-powered networked devices, enabling greater flexibility in device placement without the need for additional power sources.

How the channel can sell it

Solutions like D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP help managed service providers (MSPs) and channel partners target SMBs seeking reliable and cost-effective surveillance solutions. The DSS-200G-28MP is ideal for SMBs that require efficient IP camera management and monitoring. Highlights include the switch’s generous PoE budget, surge protection, and smart management features, which emphasise its value in enhancing an SMB’s existing surveillance infrastructure.

“The D-Link DSS-200G-28MP offers excellent value for business surveillance, combining robust IP camera management with a substantial PoE budget,” says Alan Jones, channel marketing and Amazon manager at D-Link UK.

Key features:

• Choice of three other models including a 10-port version and two PoE++ models capable of delivering up to 518W of power

Power budget and PoE support: Provides a 370W power budget, supporting 802.3at PoE+ on ports 1-24

Surge protection: Includes 6kV surge protection circuitry to safeguard external cameras against lightning strikes

Management interfaces: Featuring a surveillance mode with a graphical topology view for monitoring connected devices

DIP switches: Five DIP switches at the front allow hard-setting features like ingress priority, PoE extend mode, isolation function, PD-Alive function, and STP.

News in the Channel’s editor verdict:

For businesses that need surveillance solutions, uptime and flexibility are key, which makes D-Link’s DSS-200G-28MP a useful addition to the marketplace and a great option for resellers to have when talking to customers.

Its range of features tick the boxes that businesses today need, especially with functionality such as PoE++, surge protection and the range of management interfaces.

But by keeping the cost of the system down, D-Link ensures that it will appeal to SMBs in a wide range of sectors too. With threats to SMBs only growing, it is a product where there is likely to be consistent demand too going forward.