The Ultimate Home Office Setup: Boom Work From Home Kit

The Ultimate Home Office Setup: Boom Work From Home Kit

With work from home now a firmly established working practice, those outside the office want access to technology so they have parity with colleagues in the office when they are collaborating – which is where the Boom Work From Home kit comes in.

The global pandemic has permanently changed where and how people work. Jumping on a video call is now the norm for millions of people who often prefer to work from home rather than go into the office.  

Today, about 60% of businesses globally have work from home policies in place with this number growing as businesses embrace the post-pandemic world. In addition, 30% of all employees are full-time remote workers while 62% work from home occasionally. 

But those who work at home need to be as productive as they are in the office, and a key part of this is communication equipment. While much was bought during the pandemic, it wasn’t always of the best quality, meaning that those working remotely could have a substandard experience in meetings.

This is now an issue as meeting equity matters: wherever people are based they want to have an equal voice and equal access to high performance technology so that they have parity with those in the office when they collaborate remotely. 

This is where the Boom Work From Home Kit come in. Made by Boom Collaboration, the fast-growing communications business founded in 2020, it provides easy access to ensure people can be seen and heard clearly wherever they are working – at home, a hotel or even a different part of the same building. It’s portable, lightweight and easy to connect.

Elevate remote workspaces

The Boom WFH Kit has been curated to enhance productivity and communication in virtual settings. This dedicated bundle combines two essential tools, the Boom MINI webcam and the Boom GIRO small speakerphone, to create the ultimate remote workspace solution.

Boom MINI Webcam

Illuminate video calls with crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colours, thanks to the Boom MINI webcam. Designed for professional-grade performance, this webcam delivers high-definition video quality at 1080p resolution, ensuring that every detail shines through. Equipped with advanced autofocus and low-light correction, the Boom MINI ensures users always look their best, even in dimly lit environments. With its compact and adjustable design, this webcam effortlessly fits atop a monitor or laptop, providing flexible placement options for optimal angles during calls.

Boom GIRO Small Speakerphone

Experience superior audio clarity and seamless communication with the Boom GIRO small speakerphone. Engineered for exceptional sound performance, this compact speakerphone delivers rich, full-duplex audio, allowing users to hear and be heard with impeccable precision. Featuring echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, the Boom GIRO ensures that distractions are minimised, enabling people to focus on conversations without interference. With its intuitive plug-and-play functionality, this speakerphone offers hassle-free setup and compatibility with all major conferencing platforms.

How To Sell It

Boom Collaboration’s dedicated Work From Home conferencing kits have become one of the company’s best sellers, as more organisations look to level up their remote meeting technology.

“Boom’s complete WFH kit features a plug-and-play MINI camera and GIRO wireless audio speaker – triggering a 28% rise in demand compared to the same period last year,” notes Holli Hullet, one of the co-founders of Boom Collaboration, alongside Fredrik Hörnkvist.

“In addition, Boom is reporting growing demand for its UNO vertical video bar – ideal for personal use – which saw a 24% acceleration during 2023.

“There’s no doubt professional grade video and audio is the key to successful hybrid working. Now the dust has settled on working from home practices, a clearer picture is emerging that enables companies to develop longer-term strategies – with portable and powerful professional quality video and audio at the heart.

“The Boom MINI is a 1080p camera with a wide angle 90° field of view. It includes advanced focus technology, low light optimisation and two high sensitive mics.

“The Boom GIRO audio device boasts 360°omnidrectional microphone pickup and full-duplex HD audio. Users can enjoy the convenience of wireless audio from a built-in lithium-ion battery via Bluetooth or USB connection directly to a computer. 

“Boom believe in better meetings. Simply. Whether in the office or at home.”

Holli adds that meeting equity has become one of the most important components for a successful hybrid work experience. “People need to be seen and heard clearly in equal quality wherever they are based,” she says.

“Everyone needs an equal voice and presence so they don’t become alienated and feel inferior. The performance of equipment at home needs to match that in the office. During COVID there was a panic to just buy what was available. We know from our resellers that many organisations are now investing in upgrade programmes as part of a longer-term vision. Consistency is key.

“More and more organisations are recognising this is the best way to deliver more collaborative and flexible ways of working. The WFH conferencing kit is a powerful and easy-to-sell step forward for organisations big and small across many diverse sectors.”

The Boom WFH Kit has an RRP of £165.

Dan Parton, News in the Channel Editor’s Verdict:

Meeting equity is a big issue for businesses. With working from home here to stay, home workers can no longer afford to be using substandard equipment. This means much of the equipment bought in haste in 2020 and 2021 needs to be replaced with higher quality products, which means Boom’s new Work From Home kit is well timed.

The products included in the WFH kit should give users everything they need. On the visual side there is the high-resolution video and through light correction – often an issue for those in less-than-optimally lit home offices/back bedroom – which will be welcomed. On the audio side noise reduction is also a must to keep up professional standards.

The plug-and-play functionality is also much needed given the various conferencing platforms that are often used by businesses.