Exertis Enterprise partners with KAYTUS

Exertis Enterprise Partners with KAYTUS: Accelerating Digitalisation with Cutting-Edge IT Infrastructure Solutions

Exertis Enterprise has partnered with KAYTUS, a provider of advanced IT infrastructure solutions. This partnership aims to accelerate clients’ digitalisation processes by utilising KAYTUS’s ground-breaking solutions for Cloud, AI, and Edge computing. KAYTUS, headquartered in Singapore, offers a comprehensive range of product technology to assist in digital transformations globally. The collaboration with Exertis will open up new growth opportunities in the UK and Europe, particularly within AI, accelerated compute, and cloud service providers.

KAYTUS: the digital future enabler

KAYTUS is a global player in the IT solutions arena, dedicated to aiding digital transformation with its robust and fast product technology. The company operates factories in the United States, Vietnam and Taiwan, allowing them to quickly respond to user needs with a modular and platform-based agile R&D strategy.

Accelerating AI and cloud computing

KAYTUS is stepping up its game in AI and cloud computing. The company’s recent collaboration with tech giants like AMD, Intel and NVIDIA has led to highly performant GPU accelerated hardware. Their unique designs, focusing on high-speed interconnection, structural engineering, and optimised heat dissipation, enhance the performance of CPU and GPU architectures even in challenging environments.

“We’re very excited to be welcoming KAYTUS onboard. KAYTUS really are at the forefront when it comes to product and solution design, particularly in key areas where we are seeing huge growth opportunities in both the UK and Europe.” – Tom Cox, commercial director at Exertis Enterprise

KAYTUS and Exertis Enterprise: a synergistic partnership

KAYTUS’ name, inspired by K2, one of the world’s most challenging mountains to climb, reflects the company’s relentless pursuit of innovation. This ethos of fearlessly taking on challenges aligns well with Exertis Enterprise’s commitment to growth and advancing tech areas such as AI, accelerated computing, and cloud services.

Final thoughts

This partnership between Exertis Enterprise and KAYTUS signifies a promising step towards accelerating digital transformation. The fusion of KAYTUS’ pioneering products and Exertis’ expertise will undoubtedly provide customers with valuable solutions to advance their businesses in a progressively digital world. It’s a thrilling time for both companies and their customers, as they navigate the peaks and troughs of the digital landscape together.